The VERY First Blog!

Hi! I was a novice in the world of bloggers. After looking some reference blogger, it seems really exciting. But apparently is NOT as easy as it seems. To create a blog for people like me (not a tech-savvy) need googling to some other blog (contain walkthrough) that can help me to make this blog.

Step 1 -5 “Start a Blog”

So yey, this is my very first! first blog, first post and of course first time that I’m excited to become a blogger. Really guys, it’s stressed and excited in the same time. After step 1-5, I even couldn’t understand how to change the TITLE (OMG, right?). After 3 hours (work incld), I found that “edit” near scroll page (YEY!).

this frustration “EDIT”

This blog will be filled  about my journey, review of food and book (romance), tips of things and travel dreamy. Hopefully this blog can be a benefit to you who read this blog. Enjoy!


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