JAPAN trip! -8d 7n-

Hi! Now I will tell you about a trip to Japan. I went in early October last year. I thought if it’s already autumn season, where I can see the leaves are reddish and falling. It turned out that in October is the month of the start to the autumn season, and if you want to see the reddish leaves, you have to leave at the end of November. But, It’s okay if you want to go to Japan in October, there’s many halloween decoration already esp. at Disneyland or Disneysea.

Disneyland’s Parade

Travel without tour for 8 days and 7 nights can be fun and exhausting, especially for first-time backpacker. The first thing to do when you want to go abroad must be thought out carefully, especially about BUDGET! After budget approximated able to fulfill this travel, things to do first is to buy a plane ticket. After you bought the ticket,  you will feel more challenged and more excited than ever before (believe me!). I bought a ticket at ayokejepang.com and I chose Cathay Pacific. I got a ticket price of about 6 million only (not the lowest price, but you’ll feel comfortable on a very long trip).

After buying a ticket, you have to hurry to see the inn, because without any special season venue they are always full. For in Tokyo, I chose to look at Airbnb, for lodging at the hotel is very expensive and I do not have enough budget. I was thinking of trying to sleep in a capsule like other backpackers, but for the first time, we decided to stay at apartment that we choose at Airbnb. In Kyoto, I chose the hotel IBIS Styles Kyoto Station because very close to Kyoto station. And, as in Tokyo and Kyoto inn is already very expensive I decided to stay in a cheap place, namely at the Business Inn Senichimae.

If you are already sure about where to stay, you can think about the itinerary. You should schedule your trip as comfortable as you can and filled with things that you like, because otherwise you will not enjoy it at all. So here we go, my trip to JAPAN day 1.

A manhole at Osaka

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