Trip to JAPAN day 1

It was a very enjoyable trip for me, the day before the journey I could not sleep for thinking about tomorrow where I will go further for the first time. Japan is a country that I wanted all along. Besides manga, I am also interested in foods (ex: onigiri, RAMEN, icecream esp. green tea,etc). I flew with Cathay Pacific and transit briefly in Hong Kong, and then continued flying and landed in Tokyo (Haneda).

Transit at Hongkong, breakfast at Mcdonald , got nanoblock, and some people said it was Fuji san (view from the airplane window)
Takeshita Street (don’t forget to try Crepes)
Shopping at Daiso
mandatory photo shoot
collage-2017-02-11 (2).jpg
SUSHI! It’s very cheap and so delicious.
109 Shibuya Building and the busiest crossroad
Manga shop at Shibuya

I hope you do not get bored because of the trip has not been completed, in fact this trip quite a bit faster because newly arrived in Tokyo late in the evening, so we rush to go anywhere we wanted. There are two places that I passed . It’s Aoyama flower market and Ichiran Ramen. If you are planning to go, you should schedule that place (Aoyama and Ichiran) because the place was very nice and said the food was also delicious.


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