It’s Valentine’s Day!

Well, as you may know that tomorrow will be a Valentine’s day. Most of couple will having a romantic candle light dinner or send a flower some of them will send chocolate too. Inspite of that, will you give her/him a love letter like the old days?

Here some a love letter that I adore so much. Inspired by Sex In The City movie, when Carrie told to Big a book from Love Letter of Great Man. Here some words from
Ludwig van Beethoven love letter :

“Be Calm – Love me, today, yesterday.. what tearful longings for you – You – my life, my all, farewell. Oh continue to love me, never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.

Ever thine

Ever mine

Ever ours”

If you want look the full version of his love letter here is the link  Immortal Beloved-Love Letter

If you are single, please don’t pity yourself. It is ALL RIGHT! It’s hard (I know) to find the soulmate that can understand you, hear you, and share all of the things, but don’t worry and don’t lose hope (the important thing). You must improve yourself, be open, try something new, and don’t be shy to try new society or hobby that you like (ex. cooking class, music class, etc).

I’m still single too and on the edge of marriage age in my country. Still searching the prince charming though. That’s why i want to support you guys (esp. girl) to be more passionate and not drawn to yourself. We have 10 months more to search that MAN (prince charmin) in 2017. So go searching & find them! Don’t worry to be single in this valentine’s day. Who knows, you already have someone next year! XOXO



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