Trip to Japan day 2

Hey! Let me continue my blog for “Trip to Japan” day 2! On the second day, I walk around at Tokyo like Roppongi, Tsukiji, Asakusa ,etc. This trip was exhausted because we have to rushed to fulfill my itinerary, so It’s just like “Amazing Race” out there. This trip contain more photo of food than scenery. Hope you get hungry and brace yourslef. Here we go!

The Spider at Roppongi Hills
YOU MUST TRY THIS! scallop @Tsukiji Market
collage-2017-02-15 (1).jpg
Yes! It’s Pork Meat Dumpling. It’s very delicious! I bought 4 for myself 🙂
This is Sea Urchin! Just try it, it’s not that bad though
One is never enough (Trust me) 🙂
Wako Building
This Cream Waffle really delicious!
Take a walk at Ueno Park
Art Gallery @Ueno Park
Mandatory photo shoot – A big latern @Asakusa Temple
hotaluna ship.jpg
If you want to go to Odaiba from Asakusa try to get on  Hotaluna  – photo by: Youtube
A view from Hotaluna
collage-2017-02-15 (2) (1).jpg
At Odaiba, try to visit Fuji TV building. They have Hachi Tama Observation Deck, Fuji TV’s morning show “Mezamashi TV”, Fuji TV wonder street and many more.
Got this doll from ufo cathcer @Fuji Tv
Don’t forget to try Omelette Rice
Mandatory photo shoot -Gundam statue

It’s a wrap for Trip to Japan day 2! For Omellete Rice, I recommend you to go at Kichi-Kichi Omurice at Kyoto (I couldn’t go there due to my budget) with reservation online Kichi Kichi’s website. I hope you have some fun and continue to read my blog for Trip to Japan day 3. It’s Disneyland time! Yeay! See you soon. XOXO


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