Trip to Japan day 3

HI everyone! I’ll continue my trip to Japan. On day 3, I had a plan to go Kawaguchiko Lake (hope to see Mr. Fuji san, but can’t) and Disney land. Yes, It’s crazy! Ticket administration said so (her face just said ‘It’s unbelievable’).  The first bus to Kawaguchiko lake was 5:45 AM and what makes the administration ticket shock is I decided to back Shinjuku at 11 AM. I repeat, 11 AM! The journey there takes two hours, I got there  at 9 AM. Unbelievable right! It’s because I want to see how wonderful scenery at Kawaguchiko lake, although just two hours, I felt happy and an awed. I also bought many souvenir at Kawaguchiko (I can’t bear my self said NO to buying all of things, I’m afraid that if I go somewhere else, I can’t find the same thing again like before). So, here some photo of journey to Kawaguchiko Lake.

Welcome sign to Lake Kawaguchi 🙂


I wish I can stay there longer and make other journey around.
collage-2017-02-25 (1).jpg
I bought all  of them and other things 🙂 <cookies, sake, rice, mochi, chip, magnet>

So, after I got back from Kawaguchiko, we went to DISNEYLAND!!! Well, It’s a pity that I have to skip the first parade on Disneyland and must queue on every single attraction. But who doesn’t happy? It’s like MY DREAMS COME TRUE ♥ I saw a Cinderella Castle, figure of Mickey & Miney, and fireworks! Here you go, my photo on Disneyland! 🙂

Welcome to Disneyland
You must see the schedule! and be on time or stay wait 1 hour before parade
Disney stall! Please bear yourself. There’s many out there along side.
Wishing well – Snow White & the 7 Drawfs
Disney Halloween Parade
collage-2017-02-25 (1).jpg
Inside Cinderella Castle
Cinderella Slipper
collage-2017-02-25 (2) (1).jpg
an Expensive Souvenir 🙂
Dinner at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall 🙂


IMG_3102 (1).jpg
I bought this! My favourite – POOH!
collage-2017-02-25 (4) (1).jpg
Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade
Prince Charming 🙂


And at last I see the light – Tangled


“Once Upon a Time” Castle Projection

I cried! Seriously. When the music began, I cried. This is like my dreams come true. I can see with myself how amazing Disneyland and it’s true that quotes “Never too old for Disney”. I want upload the video here, but as you may know, I must upgrade first and my video was a little bit shacky . So here the link from youtube by Theme Park Review “Once Upon a Time”.

You already saw my picture and video, right? See how the magical & magnificent they are? GO! Book a flight and ticket to Disneyland. Save some more money to buy all the souvenirs you like and see the magical dreams come true yourself at Disneyland.


If I have a chance to go back there, I will have one day only for Disneyland and hope it’s Christmas decoration. It’s Done! Let’s go for Japan trip day 4. It’s DISNEYSEA! XOXO


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