Trip to Japan day 4

HeiHeiho!I’m SO SORRY. It’s too late to post but here we go! It’s Day 4! It’s time to DISNEYSEA! Well, I’m a bit late of course, because I brought my lugage to DisneySea. I had to pack my things and try to loaded my souvenir there. Already FULL just for 3 days 😦 Arrived at DisneySea at 10.30PM. Not just that, in the afternoon, I got wet from rain and it’s a bad day. I couldn’t even watch Fantasmic due to bad weather 😦 Even it’s hard and bad day, I still get the happiness there but yup it’s not a total happy like on Disneyland. Here some photo’s of my journey to DisneySea.

You must buy this to get on DisneySea. You can buy with your suica card. Psst… there’re 5 different design card.
Halloween Theme
Inside Tower of Terror. Queue this first or take a fast pass!
It’s raining outside and HUNGRY! All by myself! 🙂


Mermaid’s Lagoon
IMG_3379 (1).jpg
Inside Mermaid Lagoon – Don’t forget to see Ariel and Friend show. Psst.. there’s Eric statue there.
collage-2017-02-26 (1).jpg
IT’S Villain Parade!
RUN! I got here after the parade! It’s more less queue before parade.

Before saw a Magic Lamp Theater, I met them! yeay!
collage-2017-04-09 (1)
Raining outside. Found the nearest spot Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage. Not bad 🙂
Inside of Indiana Jones Adventure of Temple of the Crystal Skull. I came here because I seen no queues outside BUT after I got in, the queue is snaking.
Raining AGAIN. Time to queue the last attraction. TOY STORY MANIA 🙂 1,5 hours queueing here.

It’s a wrap for Day 4. Not so fun, huh? Me too. It’s so sad that I can’t see the Fantasmic show, It’s raining outside though. Well, after this, we set to parking lot to see our Night Bus Willer. They got there ON TIME so Dont be late 🙂 here’s the link for booking the Willer Travel Bus.

Will move on to Day 4 at KYOTO. Are you ready? Let’s GO!


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