Trip to Japan day 5

DAY FIVE! yeay! Well, after a long night at bus, I woke up feeling very sore and achey! BUT,after getting off the bus, in Kyoto, with the fresh air, sun shining through, people say hi to each other, FIUH the sore gone. We check in to our hotel. Nope, not check in but entrusted our luggage at Receptionist (I stayed at IBIS Styles Kyoto Station). Don’t worry, It’s safe. After that, we rushed to Arashiyama Area. Here we go 🙂

Togetsukyo Bridge -From Kyoto Station to Arashiyama street (Bus No. 28)-








A big phoenix inside

After the museum, we went back to Hotel. Its tiring yet exciting mix into happiness. You can imagine, how we lost on the station, confuse from all the bus number and shock after saw a grandma walking and breath with the help of oxigen tube still seems so healthy get on the bus (I’m not joking, I don’t wanna take a photo of this because it’s not polite).

Still in Kyoto for Day 6! I will update soon. Arigatou Gozaimasu~


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