Trip to Japan day 6 & 7

Day 6! Still at Kyoto! On this day, I travelled just around Gion and Kiyomizudera Temple, because of raining and sadly, the pain strike our foot. Too bad, that we can’t see the other side like Maruyama Park. That’s why I give you antoher shoot of my journey at day 7 too! It’s half day at Kyoto and other half day at Osaka. Let’s go!!!!

Before we go, eat first! Breakfast time! To remind you, I stayed at IBIS Styles Kyoto Station πŸ™‚
I’m trying to not add on the salt but this is too tasteless
Trying to be Geisha at Maiko Henshin πŸ™‚ It’s tough! There’s so many Kimono shop around there, but I want be simple trying a beautiful Kimono here, make up like a true geisha and shoot by a profesional. And my desicion was right! Β if I walked with kimono in rainy day, it’ll become a bad day.
YOU MUST BUY THIS! It’s a green tea cookie and it’s too delicious!!!! The Malebrance shop is along side to Kiyomizudera Temple. Psssttt, there so many souvenir shop there, beware!!
Kiyomizudera Temple πŸ™‚
You can make a wish! They have 3 fountain, If I’m not forget, it’s a wish for money, love, and luck πŸ™‚
Found a cute souvenir. LOL πŸ™‚
Before we going back to Hotel, we shopped around near Hotel. There’s Don Quijote!
and above all, try take a massage machine for free πŸ™‚
Day 7! Tempted to buy this pork bun at Kyoto Station. Two for myself. YUM!
This is Fushimi Inari Temple πŸ™‚ Try to make a photo with many angle.


And after we checked out and go to Osaka. Bought this pork bun again to fill my belly πŸ™‚
Trying Shinkansen. The cheapest and shortest route. Kyoto – Osaka. It’s not worth at all. I carried my fully heavy bag into this, and with a minute, I have to get off and move to other station to get on Osaka Station. Full of effort.

Here’s a story after we got touched down at Osaka. We try and try carried our heavy bag along Umeda Station. IT’S BIG! and we’ve LOST!. We try to get information and heard that we must go to Namba station. Okay, after arrived at Namba, we get information again that we must walk through this underground and IT’s VERY LONG (but we enjoy though there’s many shop along side)! Our foot got so much pain and we must FIGHT this! And for the bad news, there’s no LIFT or Escalator to go up. SO, we must go up with STAIRS. So we tought OKAY, It’s the last fight we must through and found the hotel soon. BUT! after we checked the place around. OMG it’s scary. It’s full of Love Hotel and with the first time traveller mind, we scared that many thing will happen (So much drama here, cause of watch many drama at television hehehe). And for the plus bad information, the receptionist at our hotel said that it’s dangerous at midnight, so if you want to go home after 12 am tell them cause the front door at our hotel will be closed at 1am. That’s it. We try to move other hotel, but never found as cheap as our hotel. So, we travelled that day with worried and scared.

At Instant Museum Ramen, I tried to design my cup πŸ™‚
Choose 3 ingredients for your noodle cup.
Proccess of Noodle Cup πŸ™‚


Found a house ramen near Instant Ramen Museum, and guess what It’s IPPUDO πŸ™‚
Before dawn, we rushed to Umeda Sky Building, It’s freezing and windy but worthed! Look at my photo. Beautiful, right?


oh, a beautiful nightview upthere πŸ™‚
A star to end this journey, a hope and wish all going well.

I went to the hotel at 7 pm! Due to our worries and scare, we got sleep and try recharge our energy because tommorow we will going to UNIVERSAL STUDIO. yeay! See you on day 8.

Ciao! XOXO

FYI: The truth is my hotel at Osaka, Bussiness Inn Senichimae isn’t that bad at all. It’s safe and sound just surrounded with that ‘things’. And for notes, the Bussiness Inn Senichimae Hotel, it’s the cheapest and very near Dotonbori. If I can fly to Osaka again, will booked the same hotel though.

But, we must be carefull too. πŸ™‚


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