This blog is about a girl of 1992 with a thousand dream who want to try to share the experience adventure sightseeing, dining and daily life as a boring office girl.

Hi! Let me introduce myself first! I’m a woman hmm .. call it AKM. Why do I have to use initials? Because there’s personal problem, that still not secure enough to open public like this. But you have “medsos” (social media) right? I have a “LOT”,almost all the trending medsos. This blog is made to share my little experience (aka diary), well the real excuses was following the other bloggers and sound interesting to me. So who already know who I am, stay silent (ok? will you?) and do not guess-guess as well. 🙂

I am not a fashion blogger, food blogger, nor travel blogger. There’s no special theme for this blog, just want to let it out what’s on my mind.

Well, because I’m still a beginner for this and not so good on english writing, please.. advised me if you see the sentences go wrong (wild?). May you give me a correction in comment. Thank you so mucho!

Happy reading 😀