Bucket List

Here some of my dream that I think and think and think and might be come true. Every month the list will increase with many things, even sometimes I just want a silly things or maybe grant. I just want this and that. Not sure, but here’s my list:

  1. Eat at Jhonny Rocket – the Big Burger, potatoes and their milkshake.
  2. Become expert in Chinese language – hope will got HSK 3.
  3. Become expert in Ielts too!
  4. Wanna learn sewing cloth, but buy the sewing machine first
  5. Travel to Hongkong with my family
  6. Backpacker to London
  7. See the Broadway Theater esp. Phantom of The Opera at Singapore
  8. Have a Dinner at Plataran Menteng
  9. Become an Entrepreneur – on progress (stuck)
  10. Meet the Loved one 🙂
  11. Have a lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant, Disneyland Paris
  12. Buy a proper gown
  13. Buy my own laptop
  14. Buy an Studio Apartment for me
  15. Learn France language too